Charged with Burglary of a Dwelling or Structure in Michigan?

The crime of burglary involves the unlawful entry into another person’s dwelling or structure for the purpose of committing a crime therein. Penalties may range from probation to life imprisonment depending on whether certain aggravating circumstances are alleged. Aggravating circumstances may include the involvement of a weapon, firearm or entry into an occupied dwelling or structure. Under Michigan’s Criminal Punishment Code a first offender will face a recommended prison sentence if convicted of burglary of a dwelling. While the individual circumstances of a particular burglary case are important, one of the most significant factors in the outcome is a criminal defense attorney’s competence and experience. If you are charged with burglary of a structure or dwelling it is important that you employ an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Experienced Burglary Defense Lawyer serving the Metropolitan Detroit Area

Khavajian Law is dedicated to helping persons charged with criminal activity, including burglary of a dwelling or structure. Each of our burglary defense attorneys have more than 25 years of experience practicing criminal law in Gainesville and surrounding areas. Over the past twenty-five years each lawyer at DeThomasis & Buchanan has represented numerous individuals accused of burglary with diligence and competence. Each lawyer is familiar with the laws and legal process associated with a burglary case and has actual experience successfully defending a person charged with burglary.

What does an Experienced Burglary Defense Lawyer do to assist?

The first thing an experienced defense lawyer should do is listen carefully to the accused’s detailed description of what happened. It is important that the lawyer understand exactly what happened (and didn’t happen) and why it happened. Additionally, the lawyer should gather detailed information about the accused person’s background, education, training and determine whether there are any potential psychiatric or psychological circumstances that may be relevant to a defense. In some burglary cases it may be necessary to hire a private investigator to assist in locating evidence and to interview witnesses.

If law enforcement has conducted a search or seizure of evidence, an experienced criminal defense lawyer should evaluate the legality of the search. If physical evidence was obtained in violation of one’s constitutional rights, a motion to suppress such evidence should be filed and litigated. If the accused has made incriminating statements, the attorney should investigate whether such admissions were lawfully obtained by law enforcement. If the individual was not properly informed of applicable constitutional rights prior to making a statement, or if the statements were obtained through the use of force, threats or duress, a motion to suppress the confession or admission should be filed and litigated.

During jury selection an experienced criminal defense attorney should use their insight and training to obtain a jury amenable to the defense of the burglary charge. At trial, the objective should be to vigorously object to improper testimony and evidence offered by the state and to present a defense in the most advantageous manner possible. At all times the overriding goal should be dismissal, acquittal or reduction of the charges and penalty

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