Getting a license in Michigan is tough, losing your license due to a DUI, too many tickets or missed Court date can be even tougher. We have experience fighting Vehicle Code section 14601 charges and can help you to avoid jail, prevent installation of an ignition interlock on your car and further suspensions. Contact us today for help in your case, we can go to Court for you in most cases, even if you have a bench warrant for your arrest.  We can also help you to get your license restored through the DMV, set up a DMV hearing if necessary or walk you through the process.

An individual’s drivers license can be suspended for a variety of reasons, too many points, a DUI, no insurance, failure to pay child support, FTA, among many others. When a person is caught driving while their privilege to operate a motor vehicle has been suspended or revoked the consequences an be quite severe. Michigan Law requires a Judge to impose jail time in cases where the suspension was due to a previous drunk driving conviction and if a driver has multiple priors for the same offense or is currently on probation for another matter the Court can incarcerate someone for up to one year, or more, in the County Jail. Shockingly, a Court conviction for driving on a suspended license in some cases carries a higher punishment than for drunk driving.

Fortunately, there are defenses and legal strategies that can be employed to avoid or mitigate the harsh sanctions which could flow from a driving on a suspended license ticket or arrest. A local criminal defense firm like Khavajian Law has years of experience stepping in and saving clients from incarceration, heavy fines and prolonged suspensions which result from a conviction for driving while your license was suspended, even when the prior case was when they were under the age of 21. Driving on a suspended license cases can be fought and won with the help of the right lawyer on your side.